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Can you fulfill these BEST Questions GAMES?

We all had hours of fun when we were kids, with fun and very simple BEST Questions GAMES. Many times we had very good memories of them, so much that they last until now. But even as adults, there are many games with which we could spend hilarious moments with our friends or family. Therefore, here we will tell you what are the BEST Questions for the game for you to spend super in those meetings. Get them all!

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This game consists in removing a block of wood from a tower without the wood collapsing. It is quite funny and sometimes it becomes something cardiac when the tower is all twisted and with few pieces, but still standing. But if this game is combined with a party, it will be much better, in addition to removing the blocks will be increasingly difficult. BEST Questions of the GAME truth or dare


I never never

If you want to break the ice and generate a lot of confidence, this game is very good. It is about each of the participants asking questions that are somewhat uncomfortable and indiscreet in the form of denial, for example: "I have never, never, I have kissed a friend". If any of the participants has done so, they must give a drink to the drink they are drinking (it is recommended with tequila or with beer). The atmosphere will be very spicy but fun!


Bottle set


This is a classic of life. At some point we all played bottle and in our youth it was tremendously intense, as many of us gave our first kisses there or had to do the challenges that our friends put us just to not look bad. Now that we are big, the game is still the same, but circumstances change: the challenges are now more intense and the truths are stronger. Do you fancy to play it?

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Truth or Dare



It is similar to the bottle, only it focuses on saying it without cheating or passing the bottle to someone else, which complicates this situation a bit since you have to say things that nobody else knows or do something that you really do not want do. Aiiiuuuuuudddaaa!


Beer Pong

For this game it is necessary to build two teams, which will face each other. The plan is to put on a table a series of glasses with beer inside and then throw some plastic balls at the table in order to bounce to a glass and get into it. If you hit a glass, the player must take the beer from the glass and make a change with his partner. There are many variants of Beer Pong, but you can play it as fun, changing the content of the go by beer to tequila or something else. The joke is to play!

The secret of a party is to have fun as we want. There is no exact formula to pass it to 100%. What yes, is that these BEST Questions for games will be of great help to generate a fun environment, plus you will surely not stop laughing. Have fun!

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November 25, 2017 — 9:00 am to
February 01, 2019 — 6:00 pm

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